Persia Travel Network opens web portal to attract Ukrainian &Russian speaking Tourists

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May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Persia Travel Network opens web portal to attract Ukrainian &Russian speaking Tourists

Persia Travel Network, an upcoming tourism company from Iran, conducted a master class on 7th September in Mercury Kiev Congress Hotel, Ukraine with the objective of attracting tourists from Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries to Iran. Iran is an upcoming tourist destination where Ukrainians and other Russian speaking travelers would get ample opportunity to spend a worthwhile vacation.

This master class that lasted for 4 hours has successfully created the bon-homie to attract Ukrainian travelers. The session was of immense significance as it saw an appreciable attendance of travel and media professionals from Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries. Not only the physical presence but the master class saw an appreciable online presence from different destinations via streamlining through Facebook.

This session provided the much desired platform to highlight the vacationing opportunities in Iran which the travelers from this region would be glad to explore. Such an interactive platform not only provides a great marketing opportunity but also helps in knowing the unknown better. In this respect, Persia Travel Network has struck the chord.

As the official representative of Persia Travel Network, Travel Image showcased the services of the company to the esteemed guests along with the announcement of the new online hotel booking portal

As the global tourism industry evolves with new features and products, convenience is the key to attract travelers. Taking this into consideration, this new web portal has unlocked the doors for Ukrainian travelers to Iran. The travelers would be able to avail the choicest accommodation from a wide range of options each featuring top class service and arrangements suitable for high-end and budget travelers.

Understanding the tastes and likes of the visiting crowd is important to attract a huge traveler base. It is well known that tourists from this region have a great inclination towards visiting destinations enriched with history and culture.

Magnificent architectural marvels and bright sunny climate are top choices of the Russian speaking travelers and Iran is abundant in these features. Moreover, the country is catching up fast in developing cultural, pilgrimage, medical and wellness tourism packages enhancing its position in the global tourism map.

Due to visa relaxations, Ukrainian travelers may also avail Visa-on arrival while travelling to Iran. But the hesitation in visiting a nearly unknown destination persists among them.

Although Iran has seen a rise in Russian tourist visits, it is yet to capture a larger tourist segment from Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries. Creating niche tourism products appealing to travelers from this region and catering to their demands is the top priority. Moreover, the people here have very little knowledge about Iran and its cultural heritage.

Against this scenario, this master class is of huge significance enabling the attendees know more about the appealing features of Iran. Persia Travel Network is leaving no stone unturned to attract tourists in droves through its attractively designed portal that would hit their psyche. Most importantly, it is enabling travelers the convenience of online booking.

The company has set up well organized themed tours suitable for solo travelers, family vacationers and group travelers adding a personalized touch through flexible packages. The company has identified the destinations which would be much liked by the travelers from this side and have created special touring packages based on those.

Attractive deals on air fares and hotel prices are also on the list to make things more interesting for the travelers. The tour packages would be led by smart tour managers, proficient in speaking multiple languages, to ensure a memorable vacationing experience for every traveler setting their foot on this land quite unknown to them. The stage is perfectly set for the Ukrainians and Russians to have a good time in this bright and sunny land.

Author, Anna Guchok, CEO of  Travel Image  – tourism marketing and representative company in Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.

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