Importance of Hotel Brand Marketing 3.0: SEO + Social Media + Content Marketing

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May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Importance of Hotel Brand Marketing 3.0: SEO + Social Media + Content Marketing

Amidst the stiff competitive scenario, branding your hotel adopting right strategies is very important to stand apart in the crowd. With the rise in beyond the border tourism, hospitality industry faces an equal share of opportunities and challenges due to which the creation of a brand image has become so crucial.

Currently, with digital marketing offering effective and fast penetrative marketing tools, building a hotel’s brand image is not so time consuming. To target the prospective travelers or guests, implementation of SEO, Social media and content marketing in innovative manners is a must.

Hotel business that forms the base of the hospitality industry has certain unique features way apart from other industries. Firstly, it is a 24X7 running business aimed at providing the best value for money to the customers. Secondly, the dynamic pricing structure which generates attraction for travelers from every corner of the globe. These are the two crucial factors based on which brand marketing strategies should be devised. In view of this, digital marketing tools are very effective in helping the business reap quick benefits.

SEO implementation is more of a good practice that demands regular nurturing. To start with, you need to look at it as an effective sales tool where you can incorporate innovative strategies to attract travelers. For this, your website structure needs to be search engine friendly else it won’t show up in the top page rankings.

What makes you unique? This should be clearly manifested while choosing the right SEO keywords or phrases. Adding variations in keyword selection or by selecting competitive words, you can fairly improve your website ranking making it easily accessible for your prospective guests.

The google keyword tool helps you in effective keyword searching. Adding relevant meta-tags to the keywords helps better. While implementing SEO, it is also important to position your hotel by optimizing the local listing. Just by sticking to the basics, the website ranking can improve appreciably and a little bit of tweaking can position your hotel at the top.

Social media marketing:

If you are aiming to keep your prospective and existing customers engaged, there can be nothing better than social media marketing. Your website is already linked with mostly used social media platforms. This allows the visitors and guests to share or like your posts or instantly post updates regarding their activities. You can upload exciting activities, unique features and happenings through photos and videos in a mind capturing manner enticing the prospective travelers. It can be even better if you can answer the instant needs of the guests through direct social media posting or apps. This also invites words of mouth referrals.

Content marketing:

The success of the above two marketing strategies will depend on the quality of content generated. Understand the travelers’ psyche and trends. Why should the visitors choose you among others? This should be clearly reflected in your content in a precise manner. It should be a good stuff meeting the travelers’ needs and wants. If your content can answer their hidden desires, you are the winner.

Usage of keywords in the content is important. Unnecessary keyword stuffing should be avoided. It is the smart placement of the keywords that makes the content easily searchable. Update the content regularly because the search engines prefer fresh content. This builds credibility.

The same strategy applies while framing SEO keywords, metatags and social media content. Crisp content containing competitive keywords is the key to successful content marketing, crucial for creating the hotel’s brand.

As said earlier, using digital marketing tools in an innovative manner builds the credibility of the hotel much faster than any other marketing channels. Constant engagement of the visitors keeps you updated about the trends and desires which help you in restructuring your service and products to drive in more business.

Anna Guchok is the CEO of Travel Image – tourism marketing and representative company if Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.

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