Importance of Email Marketing & Trigger emails for hotels & travel companies

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May 21, 2018
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Importance of Email Marketing & Trigger emails for hotels & travel companies

Be in touch or hold on your customers/guests’ attention is what Email marketing actually implies. Hotel and travel industry is more than just conversions or sales. The customer service does not end when the guest leaves your hotel premises or end a vacation availing your travel package. It is the prolonged healthy engagement with the customer that builds up a loyal customer base who would turn to you for a repeat service. Not only this, it also helps in nurturing leads that would join the existing loyal band.

Email marketing is an efficient marketing tool though rendered obsolete by many but its long term benefits cannot be denied. This is the easiest way to reach your prospective customers fast and also helps in maintaining an amicable communication with the existing ones. This not only narrates what you offer but also tells the story of your brand and its credibility.

Attending a customer satisfying all their requirements within a budget is not an easy task because of their variable likings and preferences. Understanding the customers’ psyche and providing gratifying personalized service is the USP of a successful hotel and travel business.

Therefore, email marketing provides the most convenient avenue where you can tell your story in an interesting manner enticing even for the most demanding customers. Leading travel and hotel business are adopting smart customized techniques to maintain their loyal customer base built through immense efforts.

An important aspect of Email marketing in hotel and travel industry is trigger based email marketing that strikes the sentiment of the existing customers. Trigger email marketing can yield success because it makes your guest feel important and helps in building faith. Furthermore, it would be your words of mouth that would fetch future customers.

All you need to find out is the trigger and shoot it at the right moment. Timing is very important in this case. If you get the timing wrong, you lose on your sales. Some marketers may use this as ‘sales trigger’ as well. More personalized a trigger mail is more success it is likely to generate. Trigger emails are normally automated so that it can be shot at the right time with the right message.

If your guest feels satisfied with a particular dish, wine or activity, you can send personalized email message with a thank you note highlighting an upcoming or other existing service related to your guest’s preference. This would certainly bring in more gratification giving your guest the feel that you care for their taste.

What constitutes a trigger email?

  • A welcome mail – Whenever a person subscribes or purchases a product or service. It may contain registration details and important instructions
  • Mail for cross-selling – Based on a customer’s purchase and likings, a mail offering a complimentary service or product may be sent.
  • Sending personalized messages on birthdays, anniversaries and special dates with attractive offers.
  • Mails asking for customer feedback post purchase of service/product.
  • Shooting specialized holiday mails as per the holiday seasons of the countries when people seriously look for a break.
  • Re-engaging message – Mails with ‘Miss You’ message to the customers who are dormant for a long time.
  • Mails with the message of seasonal offers and newly added services or products.
  • Messages with seasonal greetings.

Trigger email marketing helps in year round engagement with the existing/prospective customers that drives the business of the hotel and travel industry.

  • Helps in understanding the customer behavior and preferences.
  • Helps in enhancing the customer experience through improved service based on customer feedback.
  • Gives the opportunity to the business owners build a loyal customer base by offering loyalty awards/discount voucher.

So if you are looking for a good guest turnout in your hotel and robust order bookings in the coming season, you should seriously consider automated trigger email marketing in your marketing strategy.

Anna Guchok is the CEO of  Travel Image  – tourism marketing and representative company if Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.

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