Corporate Training in Tourism and Hospitality

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May 18, 2018
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Corporate Training in Tourism and Hospitality

The term hospitality bears a long term implication which means extending cordial reception to guests. The objective of tourism and hospitality industry is to serve people better with an array of services which can be anything from planning, arranging and taking sincere efforts to enhance the comfort level of the guests.

These important traits cannot be grown without proper corporate training. The global tourism and hospitality sector is dynamic with customer preferences changing every day throwing newer opportunities and challenges in equal mix.

The quality of service delivery is being tested every day compelling the tourism and hospitality staffs to enhance their potential. The contribution from every service person starting from chefs, housekeepers, managers and owners affect the guest experience. Considering this, the importance of corporate training staff cannot be overstated.

Frequent training programs based on guest feedback and self assessment checks, your business gets a competitive edge and helps you stand out in the crowd. Well-planned training programs ensure zero error in day to day activities reflecting an appreciable level of expertise in your staff.

Corporate training for staff – A must have point in the annual budget

A budgetary allocation for corporate training of staff is mandatory considering its immense benefits. It should be treated as an investment instead of expense. The right type of corporate training improves employee engagement and productivity, reduces absenteeism, requires less supervision and improves customer service by several notches. You receive lesser complaints and see better sales.

Necessity of constant employee growth for company development

Tourism and hospitality sector is one of the leading employers as it contributes substantially to the global economy. Therefore, the market is highly competitive with new hotels and tourism businesses coming up each day.

With the increase in opportunities, this sector faces high turnover as the employees are on a constant lookout for better opportunities and won’t hesitate a bit to quit your organization if they get hold of a better offer.

This is why it is important to focus on their growth and keep them motivated along with skill development. Ensuring the expertise of your employees through regular training is also a great way to beat your competitors. As the employee develops the comfort level working in a congenial environment with enough self confidence, less likely he/she would fly to another nest.

Staff motivation in travel as the way to company prosperity:

High turnover rate costs billions of dollars in tourism and hospitality industry every year. To overcome this issue, staff motivation is highly important. Extremely low compensation, inadequate benefits and poor working conditions take a serious beating on employee morale and attitude. They lose their motivation to work and your company suffers in the long run.

In tourism and hospitality sector, maintaining a high standard of customer service delivery is impossible with demotivated staff. You face regular turnovers and the goodwill of your business gets affected due to compromised service quality.

It has been observed that when managers make the employees work together congenially removing all the performance affecting obstacles, they get highly motivated and feel obliged to stay with the company steering it towards better margins.

Motivators in travel and hospitality industry:

Handing out a handsome paycheck although important may not be enough to keep your staff motivated. Healthy working condition and great team spirit are very important. Perks, incentives and additional benefits are great positive reinforcements to maintain your staff’s morale. Tangible rewards in the form of free lunches, offering vacant hotel rooms free to spend with their family and words of praise keep up the working spirit of the staff.

Awards in the form of Employee of the Week or Employee of the Year based on various performance parameters go in favor of the employers that help in reducing the turnover rates. At times, you may need negative reinforcements to keep your staff motivated in case their performance deviates from the expectations due to slackness or personal attitude.

Is self motivation enough or corporate team spirit matters?

In tourism and hospitality industry, corporate team spirit matters a lot in maintaining streamlined services fulfilling to the customers. Self-motivated people are handful in number.

With the tourism and hospitality organizations dealing with a variety of job specifications manned by people of different categories, it is tough to achieve targets without the right corporate team spirit.

To deliver the best customer services, healthy interaction between the team members starting from workers, supervisors to managers is essential. This breeds cooperation where all arms are linked to deliver the common objective.

Team spirit cannot grow overnight. To meet the rising competition and challenges, a high level of corporate team spirit is essential to maintain a robust customer base, the main pillar of tourism and hospitality sector.

Essentials for employee work efficiency:

Staffs in tourism and hospitality sector are involved in a myriad of jobs which are very much interlinked to one another through a unified chain system. If a link of the chain snaps or gets disturbed, it sets a cascading effect hitting the quality of customer service.

To maintain the employee work efficiency and productivity, it is important for the company to nurture a healthy working culture encouraging enough for the staff to give their best. Fixing working schedules without overburdening the staff always keeps them chirpy helping them to improve their work efficiency and productivity level.

An overstressed team continuously struggling to gear up cannot produce the expected level of service. The importance of corporate staff training is truly felt to maintain the desired work efficiency level of the business.

Author, Anna Guchok, CEO of  Travel Image  – tourism marketing, consultancy and representation in Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.

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