Consulting in Hospitality, Travel & Healthcare Industry

Corporate Training in Tourism and Hospitality
May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Consulting in Hospitality, Travel & Healthcare Industry

The sentiment of the global travel and hospitality sector is upbeat with a tremendous global economic impact. With the rise in average customer spending, there is a prominent surge in travel, flight and accommodation bookings creating a highly competitive market among the travel and hospitality organizations.

Seeking a sustainable growth, travel and hospitality organizations are developing strategies to grab the bigger market share meeting multiple challenges of this dynamic sector flooded with options. The objective is to deliver a superior guest experience and grow a loyal customer base that would ensure the sustenance of business.

Importance of outsource consulting:

The need for outsourcing consultation is primarily driven by the strong desire to reduce cost and uplift services. To maintain an optimal capital expenditure, many travel and hospitality companies are adopting the “asset light” strategy where the key focus is to increase their brand footprint without going for huge overhead expenditure.

The era is to garner more operational efficiency and expenditure management offering premium customer experience going beyond the boundaries of traditional approach of the hospitality industry.

It is important to consider the table-stake attributes that constitute comfort, cost, cuisine and loyalty programs etc. but it is the regular innovations that write great success stories and it is where the importance of outsource consulting is being realized.

The companies gain accessibility to superclass guest-centric solutions at an optimal cost. The outsourcing consultant armed with technological resources and expertise offers a better value proposition helping the company outsmart others in every aspect of the business.

 Benefits of consultation for hospitality and travel industry to target the outbound markets

Reaching the target customers with unique products and services driving in a better revenue on investment is the key focus of outsource consultants. Due to the dynamic nature of tourism and hospitality industry, it is often challenging for the organizations to keep up with the latest developments and solutions where ever-changing customer preferences are forcing regular alterations in strategies.

The outsource consultation companies mainly comprise a team of hotel experts specializing in a number of fields like concept creation, planning, sales and marketing, revenue management, operations management etc. and offer tailor made services to the travel and hotel companies sparing them from a huge manpower investment and the related costs.

The hotel and travel industry can avail these flexible service products targeted towards the customer base and see much better returns on investment.

Importance of out-of-house consulting to feel the targeting market in deeper way

The USP of the outsourcing companies is their proven expertise in travel and hospitality business. By virtue of handling different types of travel and hospitality projects, they have the in-built acumen in penetrating the target market in a more effective manner through their marketing ploys and drive in better results.

It is not mandatory to seek outsource consultation to get a better feel of the target market when the in-house marketing team is going great guns but out-of-the-house consultation may provide some better insights never considered by the in-house team.

 Third party consultancy – Opening new opportunities:

An outsourcing consultant opens up many business avenues with its time tested solutions:

  • Increases competitiveness
  • Helps in building exceptional customer services
  • Improves focus
  • Enhances brand value
  • Restricts cost

Which needs the company may satisfy through strategic consultancy?

Although travel and hospitality industry is showing appreciable growth but tough competition, uncertain customer loyalty and shrinking margins often pose serious threats in business sustenance.

Therefore, companies have no way but to adopt strategic consultancy to meet the above mentioned requirements but it can also focus on improving some basic requirements.

Meeting the rising technological demands:

Customers constitute the backbone of tourism and hospitality industry. Efficient technological support in booking flights and accommodation, lenient cancellation rules and prompt follow up services contribute greatly to maintain the customers’ loyalty.

Big data, cloud services and mobile friendly activities are changing the customer behavior in a big way. Developing an extensive IT support may be too overwhelming for small and medium organizations but they can avail these customer-centric solutions through cost-effective strategic consultation.

Making a difference in customer services:

Similar customer services offered by each and every travel and hospitality organization won’t help you to sustain amidst the tough competition unless you bring something unique on the customers’ table.

Customers always look value for money and offering a competitive price package is often a big problem. While the organizations should focus on their core offerings, a strategic consultant can suggest specific value additions helping you in positioning your business ahead of others.

Increasing operational efficiency and quality:

Achieving a good margin within limited resources is often a problem in the tourism and hospitality sector. Strategic consultancy addresses the basic issues and helps in improving operational efficiency within a limited cost enabling a better quality of service delivery.

The benefits of consulting in travel and hospitality industry are endless. It is up to you to assess your business requirements and seek consultation that would be highly rewarding.

Author, Anna Guchok, CEO of  Travel Image  – tourism marketing, consultancy and representation in Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.

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