Client Management and User Experience for travelers

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May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Client Management and User Experience for travelers

Repeat visits and enquiries from guests are the most welcome thing in travel and hospitality business. In fact, it can be considered as the lifeline of hospitality business. Travelers today value their experiences more than the destination. They give importance to a particular trip in a package taking into account not only the attractions of the destination but also the ease of travel and the comfort experienced while putting up in an accommodation.

Based on previous experiences, the guests/travelers have an inclination to visit the same websites to remain updated. The regular travelers would pick up the same hotel where they got the real value for the money in terms of services and facilities. Guests tend to develop a comfortable rapport with the hotel after few excellent staying experiences that make them select the same hotel/service provider again and again.

High-level client management techniques: Going extra miles 

Not only vacation travelers, business travelers are making a great contribution to the growth of a hotel business giving a chance for the business owners build a loyal band of customers. What additional benefit or comfort can you offer to get repeat visits?

  • First thing is taking care of the guests’ choices and preferences. Once a guest steps into your hotel premises, you get the opportunity to know his/her likings and can provide customized service with attractive offers luring him/her for repeat visits. When guests feel that they are considered ‘important’, chances of repeat visits rise automatically. Not only that, you get more valued customers through their referrals.
  • Apart from creating loyalty programs and offering selected free services, building a well trained concierge team is equally important who would be able to handle the one-to-one interaction with the guests effectively imparting a homely ambience. These small intangible issues make one hotel way different from the other.
  • For repeat visitors, it should be ideally a home away from the home. Nothing can be greater if the hotel enables the guest to maintain the same healthy routine while on trip as he/she is used to back home.

Customer motivation to enhance sales:

Understanding and responding to the wants of the travelers is a way to keep them motivated and win their confidence. This requires a thorough understanding of the following:

  • No two persons think alike. Study the attitude of the travelers.
  • Based on the behavior and preference of the target segment, new sites of attraction need to be highlighted.
  • Hotel business owners should create attractive packages especially during the peak holiday seasons.
  • Enable round-the-clock one-to-one interaction with the travelers answering their needs and queries to their satisfaction.

Importance of User Experience:

Modern age travelers are 24X7 connected to different digital platforms. Therefore, to improve the user experience, you need to value their expectations a lot. They expect:

  • Minimum input maximum results
  • Less research time
  • Hassle free surfing
  • Quick results as desired
  • Least chances of getting confused or overwhelmed by choices

Therefore, the travel and hotel industry is imparting a lot of importance on the above mentioned factors while designing their products and services. It starts from the website visit and the ease of information gathering from that particular site. Even the designed apps should open fast and come up with quick relevant info.

To enhance the user experience, the hotel/travel business should look after the following:

  • Fast loading of the website
  • Ease of booking processes
  • Easily accessible information
  • Continuous refining of user experience

Keeping in view the diverse nature of the high-end customers, it has become mandatory for the travel and hotel business owners create the unique user experience with due consideration of their culture, habits, mindsets and preferences. A lot of experimentation and modifications are required to keep them interested and informed who would turn out to be the repeat buyers of your service and products.

Anna Guchok is the CEO of  Travel Image  – tourism marketing and representative company if Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.

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