8 Reasons to visit Ukraine for Dental Tourism

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March 16, 2017
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8 Reasons to visit Ukraine for Dental Tourism

Ukraine is marvelous and if you select this destination for Dental Tourism, perhaps you would be glad to get the best deal. The country ranking 8th position in Europe in terms of foreign tourist visits highly speaks of its popularity as a tourism destination. Packed with a lot of diversity, the destination offers a memorable experience to every traveler and cost-saving dental procedures.

Be it exploring the magnificent Carpathians or enjoying Europe’s best coffee in the posh Lviv or lazing in the Odessa beach, as a traveler you get an exposure of a different kind.

Why Dental Tourism in Ukraine?

Availability of affordable dental implantations standards at par with those of the UK, US and other European countries has made Ukraine one of the leading dental tourism destinations in Europe. Ukraine offers variable options for implantation, aesthetic dentistry and orthopedic dentistry and Astra Dent network of clinics provides the high-quality services with affordable prices. Moreover, visa-free travel for tourists from Europe, Russia and CIS countries has enhanced the accessibility of this destination for a combo leisure and dental tourism.

The obvious reasons for its rapid growth in this sector can be listed below:

1. Culture:

Ukraine’s enriched culture has been the main tourist drawer, especially from the European countries. Lviv in Western Ukraine has been assigned the cultural capital of this country. Churches, monasteries, The Old Town and museums reflect the cultural facet of Ukraine. Of late, Lviv’s international jazz festival, Kyiv’s street food festival and Odessa’s various summer festivals are added attractions for travelers also looking for affordable dental implantation in this country.

2. History:

Ukraine can be termed as a heritage country housing seven natural wonders of the world all acknowledged by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. In spite of its long and rich historical background where Chernihiv, a human settlement known for 2000 years still arouses much of historical interest. The infamous Chernobyl disaster continues to haunt even today. Therefore, a short Chernobyl tour by modern travelers is quite likely that allows exploration of Pripyat, the abandoned city.

3. Food:

The heady aroma of coffee attracts tourists in swarms in Lviv. For the sweet-toothed, it is a dream paradise. War and political disturbances could not spoil the aroma of this special beverage and till date a lot happens over a cup of coffee. Fondly known as Ukrainian Bavaria, none can leave Lviv without tasting its beer.

Poltava can be termed as the best Ukrainian food destination where local dumplings, Ukrainian borsch and yushka are a popular treat. Similarly, Odessa is known for kosher, Crimea for Ostrich kebabs and Uzhgorod for foie gras and mulled wine.

4. Kyiv:

Kyiv, the capital, is one of the biggest cities in Europe offering immense tourism opportunities. Traveling to this modernized city of Kiev is extremely pleasurable as you get exposed to the unique lifestyle of the people. Along with heritage and cultural attractions, the city is also popular for state-of-the-art dental clinics offering affordable dental implantation and veneers replacement. The international patient’s department of Astra Dent schedules the treatment in a way to give opportunity to experience the city within the process of treatment.

Dental Tourism in Kyiv is a growing niche market with Astra Dent Dental clinic forming the largest dental chain with eight high-end clinics in this city and Ukraine. In Kyiv, can strike a treatment deal costing about 70% less than those of the US and EU countries without compromising on the quality, which is at par with the US/UK clinics.

Astra Dent Dental clinic is a full-fledged dental facility with its international patient department offering an extensive range of dental tourism services including concierge, accommodation, transfer, interpreter services, and city tours apart from getting you the best dental consultations. Dental tourism in Kyiv is flourishing with more tourists getting access to a superb vacation along with a quality dental makeover.

5 . Hospitality:

Ukrainians simply love guests. You are sure to receive a warm welcome even if you go for a random selection of the host. Such is the level of hospitality that people here are almost willing to share the last piece of bread with you.

6. Affordable Medical services:

Medical services in Ukraine are offered by qualified specialists many of whom have completed their education and training from top medical schools in the US and UK. Socioeconomic standards, lax regulation and convenient taxation policies have made the medical services highly affordable which is almost 60-80% less than the cost offered in the US and the UK.

Considering the astronomical cost of simple dental treatments in the US and other developed European nations where most of these do not come under health insurance coverage, Ukraine offers affordable dental implantation and other dentistry services.

7. Accessibility:

Ukraine’s fame in tourism is not new. The country used to welcome more than 20 million international citizens every year from Eastern and Western Europe. Located at the crossroads between central and Eastern Europe, Ukraine provides an easy accessibility for the tourists from these countries. This has ultimately gone in favor of the flourishing of dental tourism in the country.

8. Safety:

Dental treatments in Ukraine are performed maintaining very high standards and Astra Dent Dental clinic is one of the brightest examples, which uses the best equipment Sirona, Carl Zeiss, Planmeca. The expertise of the dental surgeons is beyond any question. The procedures are done in 100% sterile environment following European protocols carrying minimum infection and complication risks saving the patients from repeated clinic visits. The dental implants and veneer placements come with warranty offering due value for money.

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Author, Anna Guchok, CEO of   Travel Image  – tourism marketing, consultancy and representation in Russian Speaking countries, global traveller, tourism marketing speaker & trainer, wellness expert.


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